ICAS Certificates, Reports and Medal Ceremony


ICAS Certificates

All participating schools will receive:

  • •  School certificate to display in your school 
  • •  Certificate of appreciation for the ICAS Coordinator
  • •  Principal’s award 
  • •  School printed and online report 
  • •  Printed certificates for each of the participating students 

All participating students will receive:

  • •  Online reports
  • •  Printed and online certificates 

* HKD 100 will be charged for each certificate reprint (including surface postage)

ICAS Reports and Awards

Every participating student will receive reports and award certificates. The reports will help the schools to:

  • •  point out the strengths and weaknesses of students for reference in future studies and career planning 
  • •  provide online and written reports for schools, students and parents over the years to enhance learning and teaching
  • •  clearly list the student performance in the subject, school and regions (Hong Kong SAR China and Macau SAR China) 
  • •  participate in the ICAS Mathematics and Science to understand and assist students in STEM learning and development 
  • •  identify gifted students for further enrichment 
  • •  familiar with multiple-choice questions and free response questions to cater internal and public examinations

Every participating student will receive an award certificate for each assessment according to the following basis:

High Distinction Certificate 

The top 1% of students 

Distinction Certificate

The next 10% of students

Credit Certificate

The next 25% of students 

Merit Certificate 

The next 10% of students 

Participation Certificate 

For all remaining students 


Online reports and results will be released between May and June 2023, and the printed certificates will be delivered and distributed to schools between June and July 2023 (applicable in the ICAS test open window between March and April).  

ICAS Medal Presentation Ceremony

ICAS medal presentation ceremonies are held between June and August to acknowledge, encourage and reward students’ outstanding academic achievements.

How to apply for ICAS?

Please click on the icon below.

Contact ICAS Hong Kong SAR China Office

International Competitions and Education (ICE)

Office Telephone: (852) 3756 0091

WhatsApp: (852) 6755 4435 / (852) 9889 7022

Website:  https://icecompetitions.com

E-mail: office@icecompetitions.com

Postal Address: Unit 2302, 23/F, New World Tower 1, 18 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong