Subject Guide - ICAS Science (Chinese and English versions)

ICAS Science benefits brain development which in turn will improve school performance grades, and the ability to understand and navigate the world.


From Primary 4 to Form 5 students (Years 4 to 11 students)

Question Types

Variety of online interactions are used including multiple-choice, drag and drop and short text entry question types

Skill Areas

Observing and Measuring / Interpreting / Predicting/Concluding / Investigating / Reasoning and problem solving


Earth and Beyond / Energy and Change / Life and Living / Natural and Processed Materials

Why Participate in ICAS

ICAS Online Sample Tests

Science Paper A (Primary 3)


Science Paper C (Primary 5)


Science Paper E (Form 1)


Science Paper G (Form 3)


ICAS Assessments Demo Questions

The following link is to a sample online test that provides an idea of the types of interactions and navigations that students may find in the online ICAS Assessments

Students should become familiar with how to:

  • navigate through a test 
  • answer questions
  • scroll and expand parts of the screen
  • use the online ruler and calculator 

Note: The second last question requires audio and is only applicable to ICAS Spelling Bee (not offered in Hong Kong). 

How to apply for ICAS?

Please click on the icon below.

Contact ICAS Hong Kong SAR China Office

International Competitions and Education (ICE)

Office Telephone: (852) 3756 0091

WhatsApp: (852) 6755 4435 / (852) 9889 7022

Website:  https://icecompetitions.com

E-mail: office@icecompetitions.com

Postal Address: Unit 2302, 23/F, New World Tower 1, 18 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong


“I can't find these kinds of science questions in Hong Kong textbooks. The topics are very broad and interesting. Questions integrate real life experiences such as typhoons and the structure of animal bodies. It has benefited me a lot!”

Primary School Science Subject Panel Head

“We use ICAS Science to measure student performance and use data to analyze as well as modify the curriculum in our school. We also discover potential students through ICAS Science.”

Secondary School Biology and Integrated Science Panel Head

“My son discovers a lot of new topics in ICAS Science and those are not included in the school curriculum. It can inspire his interests and enthusiasm for science!”

Secondary School Parent